About my NFT

I see my art as my inner quest, my journey toward creating a painting that captures a lasting impression of a place or a person. In the moment of creation, as the light casts shadows on the scene and the subject, I strive to capture the mood and atmosphere of what I'm creating, with nothing except for the paint on a canvas. In essence, I paint because I want to create a legacy, while still embodying my painting style.

What you get is quality art that has a story to tell.  It will contain beauty and uniqueness that you will be proud to have as part of your collection.


Years ago, I went to see some of the most beautiful petroglyphs in Nevada. The experience inspired me to paint it in my interpretation of the enigmatic artwork that transcends time and the mind.
Serenity in the desert 

A painting of the Red Rock Canyon. It is a beautiful place of red sandstone cliffs and Joshua trees. The artwork is signed at the bottom right corner of the image. 
Entice in Red is a painting of a young woman in a semi-nude pose. The red color on the background reveals her seductive nature. It is a must for all art lovers who understand the beauty of the female body.
A Woman Waiting
One of my earliest mixed-media artwork is about a woman waiting for a lover that never came back to her.